Owlcorn Polygon Collection

This wonderful collection will help bring Polygon network to another level and at the same time can add to your wallet a measure of magic.

The main idea for this Collection is to raise funds so Polygon can solve its slowness and scalability issues. Therefore 60% from all revenues will be donated to Polygon Matic.

Purchase some of the +10K exclusive NFTs and besides having a wonderful workart you will help Polygon to achieve its core objective: Bringing the world to Ethereum.


The Owl

It represents wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development and belief in mystery, exactly the nature of Blockchain and Matic’s proposal with all its projects.





The Unicorn

The unicorn, a mythological animal, symbolizes freedom, elevation, luxury and power, especially represented by the horn, characteristics that Polygon will be able to achieve upon solving its problems of slowness and scalability.



Owlcorn Polygon

This NFT collection will bring you +26K exclusive high resolution and colorful pictures that not only bear a concept idea but alo will add value, brightness, magic and simbolism to your wallet.


Owlcorn for Ukraine

Warfare causes suffering, pain and losses beyond compare. But what’s happening to Ukraine citizens is not a war, they are beign slaughtered, having their families broke apart and being forced to flee to another country due to a senseless and coward attack.

We are not here to discuss about governments decisions, who’s right or wrong, but by no means we are going to stay watching this horror show without taking any action.

For the sake of Ukraine we created an exclusive collection called Owlcorn for Ukraine and 90% from its revenues will go for Ukraine relief.

Our wonderful collection

10K unique and colorful NFTs were created so you can take part in this project with a singular artwork.

Owlcorn Polygon Collection Supports

We know that development, troubleshooting and network improvements cost a lot of money, so the Owlcorn Polygon Collection is here to help in this regard, sending 60% of the revenues to the Polygon Matic project.

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This project was created with a unique objective in mind: help Polygon bringing the world to Ethereum.

Besides this we decided to launch an exclusive selection for helping Ukraine. This collection is called Owlcorn for Ukraine and 80% from its revenues will be donated to this country.

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10K unique and colorful NFTs were created so you can take part in this project with a singular artwork.


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